Brain Drain Wake-up Call:

Avoiding Risks of
Retiring Facility Workers

A 5-Step Succession Planning Guide     

When an employee exits the building on their last day, decades of building knowledge can be lost. It’s called “brain drain.” In a recent study of facility workers, results showed that 40% of senior FMs plan to retire within the next eight years. Unless building information is digitally stored and easily accessible by facilities operations teams, 30-40 years of personal experience leaves with the retired worker. How can the risks and costs associated with the facilities "brain drain" be avoided?

Download the guide to learn 5 steps to succession planning:

  • Taking a proactive approach to knowledge management
  • Choosing mobile software that is easy to use
  • Securing buy-in from multiple stakeholders
  • Creating a plan to leverage an information tool
  • Becoming a champion for knowledge management

Apply these best practices to stop the brain drain and preserve valuable building information.

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Download Succession Planning Guide