Information Management for
Facilities and Operations

Knowing Your Gaps
is Key to Catastrophe


As we’ve seen over the past few months, catastrophes happen with little to no warning. Not being prepared for catastrophes can prove to be costly in many ways.

How often can you expect a catastrophe? And at what cost?
How much is wasted on warrantied equipment repairs?
Is information stored safely in the cloud? If not, what's the cost for that loss?

To better understand facilities and operations teams' readiness, ARC® partnered with to collect insights from nearly 200 surveyed professionals nationwide.

The 2017 eBook, "Knowing Your Gaps is Key to Catastrophe Preparedness," provides proprietary industry-first facilities insights across critical areas relating to building information, and sets urgency to adopt modern practices.

Watch a live discussion with the Vice President of AIIM®, Bob Larrivee or download the full ebook report.

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