Using Industry Insights to Identify Gaps in Your Emergency Plans


30 minutes


As we’ve seen over the past few months, catastrophes happen with little to no warning. Not being prepared for catastrophes can prove to be costly in many ways. How often can you expect a catastrophe? And at what cost? How much is wasted on warrantied equipment repairs?

To better understand facilities and operations teams' readiness, ARC® partnered with AIIM.org to collect insights from nearly 200 surveyed professionals nationwide.

Watch this webcast to hear two experts share proprietary industry insights across various critical areas relating to building information. This powerful, new intel sets urgency to adopt modern practices.

  • Improve emergency readiness: Expect one catastrophe every two years at a cost of $500k on average
  • Increase productivity: On average facility managers spend one hour daily retrieving necessary building information
  • Protect your equipment repair budget: Each year $81,000 is spent on average to repair equipment covered by warranties
  • Establish knowledge transfer process: 29% of workers are 55 years or older which makes succession planning a critical must-do