Facilities and Fire Preparedness:

Best Practices for Fire
Extinguishers and Safety Equipment


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35 Minutes

Live Webcast with FIRST ALERT

Fire safety – and particularly fire extinguishers – have been a widely covered topic in the news over the past few months. Fire safety plays an integral role in an organization’s overall emergency and disaster preparedness planning, and everyone within an organization is responsible to know the fundamentals of proper fire safety. Facilities, maintenance and operations teams are required to adhere to compliance standards, building codes, and communications to all people within buildings, campus or facility to keep buildings--and people--safe.

Join us as we share best practices to make your team fire ready by understanding recall protocols and the principles of maintaining fire and safety equipment.

What You'll Learn:

  • The impact of fires on buildings, best practices for managing dozens to thousands of fire extinguishers, team communication suggestions and equipment that can save lives and building assets
  • How to locate, manage and inspect fire extinguishers for entire buildings and campuses - checklist - how frequently
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Placement - ease of access
  • Fire safety planning - what a comprehensive plan includes

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Session Speakers:




Ashley Gocken, Brand and PR Manager, First Alert.
Ashley Gocken is a brand expert in fire and safety equipment for the nation’s most trusted fire safety brand, First Alert. She plays a role in strategy, best practices and communications for a range of safety products that keep buildings well-maintained and people safe.





David Trask, National Director - Facilities Solutions, ARC
David Trask has presented at IFMA World Workplace, IFMA Facilities Fusion, ASHE, AIIM, Facilities Expo, Construct Canada and numerous other events across the U.S. and Canada with a focus on helping organizations better manage their facility information. Trask shares Facility best practices in Healthcare, Municipalities, K-12 School Districts, Universities, Federal Agencies, Retail and Private Owner Groups while providing key takeaways that can be put into practice in your business.


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