Escape Paper:
Adopting a Paperless Document Solution

On Demand

30 minutes


Less Paper. Greater Productivity. Improved Compliance. With Digital Transformation.

Are you working at the speed of paper? Working with paper is killing your team's productivity. And your team will soon find themselves left in the dust of a modernizing industry. 77% of the businesses who migrate away from paper see ROI on their paper-free projects within 18 months. What's your paperless solution or plan?

Watch this on-demand webcast to get steps on moving forward with an effective cloud solution. Hear how a combination of digitizing and expertise frees the organization from the inefficiency and risk of information stored in paper form.

What you will learn:

  • 5 benefits of storing digitized records in the cloud
  • How to improve compliance
  • What greater productivity means to your bottom line
  • What Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is and why it's important


Session Speaker:


Rick Carr, National Archives Director, ARC
Rick brings both the consultative sales process and subject matter expertise to ARC’s sales teams as they promote ECM services to select industry verticals. A veteran of the technical materials industry, Rick has spent the past 15 years consulting on document management services, with a special emphasis on Construction, Facilities and overall process improvement.