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Improving the Closeouts Process for Facilities Teams


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Duration 1 Hour

Facilities teams are often frustrated at the handoff when a new building is built, the delays in getting documentation, and having documents they can’t work with (BIM models, CAD files, etc.). How can you break the norms between a traditional paper / CD / thumb drive deliverable and move to a functional tool that facilities can now use? Learn about new trends and best practices for bridging the gaps between construction closeouts and facilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out common gaps and inefficiencies in the construction closeout handoff process to facilities.
  • Hear industry research about best practices in construction and facilities management.
  • Learn how a continuously updated conformed as-builts showing all historical renovations can help minimize change orders on future renovation projects.
  • See the benefits of receiving a digital closeout from architect to owner.


Session Speaker:


David Trask, National Director, Facilities App, ARC