2019 Top Reasons to Have a Digital Storefront for Your Business


30 minutes


Digital Storefronts (DSFs) are rapidly being adopted by businesses around the world because the benefits are far reaching. What is a DSF? A DSF is a website, or customized online portal, with an easy-to-use ordering system for companies' assets—from business cards to large signage. Attend this free webcast to hear why Swinerton, an industry-leading construction management firm, decided to create a DSF, reasons it's changed how their teams work, and important benefits that have helped their operations and bottom line.

What you will learn:

  • Branding and consistency - controlling (and communicating) the types of materials employees produce
  • How a DSF supports business growth, nationally or globally
  • Efficiency of operations through instant access and automation

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Session Speakers:


Karen Glover, Marketing Manager – SWINERTON
Karen has over 20 years experience managing and coordinating integrated marketing functions within the California Commercial Real Estate industry; initiating and nurturing modern strategies and systems for brand positioning, communications and marketing; increasing new business proposal efficiencies and win-rates; and fostering client loyalty and networks. She is now leveraging her tenure in the industry to align the marketing and sales functions of a pioneering, well established California-based AEC company.



Larry Medina, Manager – Digital Storefront Services
Larry has extensive experience in digital color, graphic design, and digital storefront (DSF) services for ARC. He is currently managing our DSF team in the Southern California region, implementing this service for some of the largest construction, builder and architectural firms in the U.S.