Eliminating the Pain of Maintaining Healthcare Compliance


30 minutes


Although most hospitals end up maintaining compliance after an audit, the disruption takes a thinly spread facilities team and stretches them to their limit. Following a compliance audit—at best—the facility manager will have a laundry list of RFIs, disrupting regular operations and busting the hospital’s budget. In worse cases, bad performance on an audit counts against the hospital’s leadership.

Several Commissions handle healthcare compliance in most of the United States. While healthcare compliance goes beyond facilities, physical environment standards are among the most frequently cited by these Commissions.

Unannounced surveys don’t have to be such a nightmare for healthcare facilities professionals. Attend this webinar to hear how proper information management could turn an unannounced audit into just another day at the office.

Following this recording you will learn how to use mobile apps to:

  • Instantly share updates to current codes, internal policies, and training certifications with every staff member.
  • Ensure timely responses with automatic alerts on equipment notices and recalls, vendor schedules, and survey-related PFIs.
  • Access accurately executed records of previous inspections, warranties, site audits, compliance tests, and permits.